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i want to post the whole book
but can we just thank rick riordan for this because it is very important


i want to post the whole book

but can we just thank rick riordan for this because it is very important

"My name is not Annie. It’s Quvenzhané."  - Quvenzhané Wallis (then age 9) correcting an AP Reporter who said she was “just going to call her Annie” instead of learning how to pronounce her name. Never forget.  (via thechanelmuse)


  • hydra merchandising is not cool
  • death eater merchandising is not cool
  • the harry potter fandom embracing death eater imagery is not cool
  • the mcu cast and marvel staff embracing hydra imagery is not cool 

impressionable children who don’t know better are being sold the images and logos of fictional extremist hate movements that are very clear metaphors for real extremist hate movements as something innocent and attractive, and that is not cool


*drags trusty soapbox out again*

In the book Order of the Phoenix (specifically Chapter Nine, “The Woes of Mrs. Weasley,” the events of which were cut out of the film), Mad-Eye Moody showed Harry the photograph of the first Order.

Again, Mad-Eye Moody showed Harry the photograph of the first Order. Sirius did ask, “What have you got there, Mad-Eye?” and that was the end of it.

From a screenwriter’s point of view, it made more sense to punt that interaction to Sirius in the film. Godfather-godson interaction was more important than Moody-Harry interaction, and there was a hell of a lot of book to condense into twoish hours.

One more time: Sirius never showed that photograph to Harry.

Film-making efficiency aside, film canon does not = book canon.

*steps off soapbox and puts it in its trusty hiding place*




I feel like this is a great video to support self love! Just thought I’d share it with you all too. 


she’s so cute and wonderful sigh

I just heard this on the radio and I was like “WHAT IS THIS SONG? THIS IS MY THEME SONG.”


be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

I was asked to make some blog recs for Harry Potter and I figured I’d just make a post, it’s easier. I think these blogs might have what you’re looking for.










livesandliesofwizards this one is no longer active but she’s got a lot of great stuff



also snapslikethis for some reason tumblr wouldn’t let me do the @ thing with their url idk. But anyway they were just recommended to me. Not sure if they’d have what you’re looking for yet but check ‘em out :)



I’m not hating here but I really don’t understand where Blackinnon came from…

Blackinnon shippers probably have a different list of reasons, but essentially, it was because Sirius showed Harry the photo of the original Order of the Phoenix in the film (not the book; Moody did it there). In the film, Sirius got that job in a completely different scene from where the photo was presented in the book. He pointed out Marlene and only Marlene (not everyone else Mad-Eye mentioned in the book). Much as shippers did with Dorcas back when the book came out (because it read as if she stood next to Sirius), people took off with Blackinnon.


On role models

So often people talk about what terrible role models Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are, and what great role models Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are. To which I have to say…really?

Taylor Swift writes most of her songs about men she’s dated. She is cunning and saavy, especially when it comes to manipulating the media, but she hides that in order to maintain her sweet, “all-American” image. Selena Gomez is most famous for her relationship with Justin Beiber. 

Rihanna has long maintained that she does not want to be a role model. She is young and living her life, and she owns her mistakes. She is unapologetic about her success. Nicki Minaj, whether on Twitter or in interviews, constantly reminds girls to succeed in school. She has made it clear that she is first and foremost a businesswoman looking after her family. After being betrayed and raped by ex-boyfriends, she has remained single for the past ten years. She started writing rhymes and rapping as a means to cope with her life, and she was eventually discovered when she posted her music on MySpace. Her life story is one of resilience and perseverance despite the odds. 

The problem isn’t that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are role models. The problem is that we don’t allow women to be complex. We don’t allow different women with different life stories to be considered role models because we fear that complexity. God forbid they define their lives in terms other than men.